ESN Helga is an international activity group. ESN Helga is also a part of Haaga-Helia's Student Union Helga. We organize various trips and events for the incoming exchange students. ESN Helga co-operates closely with Haaga-Helia International Services and Helga's international tutors. Outside of Haaga-Helia we co-operate with other schools in the Helsinki area. Through our membership in ESN (Erasmus Student Network) we strongly co-operate with Helsinki University, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Aalto University, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and several other universities around Finland as well as internationally.

Over the years the activity of ESN Helga has grown largerly. In Haaga-Helia alone we deal some 300-400 exchange students from around 40 different countries each academic year. The majority of exchange students study business or tourism related subjects in Haaga-Helia’s campuses in Helsinki, Porvoo and Vierumäki. ESN Helga is well known among Haaga-Helia's partner schools for the activities and events that it organizes and the way in which Haaga-Helia exchange students are looked after by the association.

Serving Incoming Exchange Students at Haaga-Helia

Together with Helga’s international tutors ESN Helga takes care of the exchange students' needs throughout their stay in Finland. We hold weekly Meet Us Hours to provide continuous support for the exchange students. We maintain online channels and groups for them to get the best info, socialize with each other and get help for every question. The most visible part of our work is arranging events and trips. Those allow them to learn about Finland and its neighbouring countries while having fun and getting to know each other and the members of ESN Helga in the process.

All exchange students are strongly encouraged to read Haaga-Helia International Student Handbook, which is an essential source of information for a foreign student arriving in Finland for the first time. We also recommend you to read the tips we give on our website – these tips will help you to feel at home in Finland!