ESN Helga arranges several events each semester. Actives are also encouraged to arrange an event or help others to arrange events. In the beginning of each semester, ESN Helga asks for volunteers to take care of arranging the events either in an ESN Helga meeting or on ESN Helga Actives Facebook group.

Even if you don't take part in arranging an event, actives and Helga tutors are still welcome to attend the events and we strongly encourage you to do so as it's a great opportunity to mix with the other international students. Actives and tutors also have to sign up and pay for the events which they participate without being the event organizer.

Arranging an event can be fun and you do not need to do it alone, you can also share the responsibility with others. Although ESN Helga has a list of events, some of which are repeated every semester, we are always open to new suggestions and ideas for events and a trial run of a new idea is usually possible subject to there being enough funding available (if necessary).

ESN Helga has both subsidised and non-subsidised events. This means that in some cases we use ESN Helga's funding to lower the price of the event for the student. When you organize an event, ESN Helga will cover your participation costs, as they are usually included in the participation fee of the others. If you arrange an event with another person, the cost for one person might be split between two. In the case of a big event that requires a lot of organizing, such as the longer trips abroad, the costs are paid for more organizers.

Organizing an event can be as simple as making a booking and making sure everyone gets to the place. In larger events, it can mean a bit more work. Tutors arranging an event has to plan a budget for it and write a report about it after the event with all the important information that the next person arranging the same thing might need. Write your trip report by using ESN Helga's Event Template. 


The latest events can be found here and in the ESN Helga Facebook groups.