Do you want to learn new things while helping others and creating real value? Maybe get some great substance for your CV? Meet international people, get to travel and have fun?

As we are getting closer to the end of this year, so are the terms of 4 board member positions in ESN Helga. This means that YOU have the opportunity to join our great team and be part of awesome things!

Our elecoral meeting will be held on Monday 11.12.2017, at 15:00 in Pasila campus.

Open board member positions (term lenght 1 year):
• President
• Vice President
• Local Representative
• PR Manager

WHO CAN APPLY/VOTE/JOIN THE MEETING? - Anyone who's a member of Helga student union!

Free form applications can be sent to by Monday 11.12 at 2pm.

Board member descriptions can be found in the discussion section of the FB event and on

In addition to that, on the FB event you can find ALL THE AMAZING REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD APPLY AND JOIN THE TEAM <3

If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the FB event page or email

PS. You will also be treated to coffee/tea and snacks! Furthermore, we will be handing out a few GIVEAWAYS to a lucky few attendees ;) Hope to see you all there ♥