The new LR, VP and vLR have been chosen, congratulations! Our new board has already started working together with the old one and the transition will be in next January. Until that you can either contact old and new members of the board. The "Tutor Coordinator" position has been changed to "HR Manager" position. Here's the new lineup:

ESN HELGA President: Mikke Mali
ESN HELGA Trips & Events Coordinator: Petra Kanerva
ESN HELGA Communications Coordinator: Mikael Salo
ESN HELGA Local Representative: Mikael Skrabb
ESN HELGA HR Manager: Nina Viitanen
ESN HELGA Vice President: Jeremias Mattila
ESN HELGA Vice Local Representative: Weina Xu
ESN HELGA Porvoo Campus Representative: Anna-Maija Suutarinen