We have some exciting news to share with you! Ryanair has become the exclusive partner of the Erasmus Student Network, offering Erasmus students huge savings, with fare discounts, free bags and tailored travel offers. All you need is a valid ESNcard! 

See details and terms below:

What do lucky ESNcard owners get?

  1. 15% discount on 8 single flights (or 4 return flights).
  2. Free check-in luggage of 15kg with each of these 8 flights booked.
  3. Weekly travel offers for Erasmus students.
  4. Tailored Ryanair in-journey offers on the mobile app.



Is there a trick?

Well, it’s more of some basic rules. Make sure that you are aware of them to avoid the misunderstandings!

  1. The platform was launched on 17.08.2017, however the flights have to be booked at least 28 days in advance, meaning that the first flight eligible for the discount is on 14.09.2017 (or 15.09.2017 to be on the safe side).
  2. The booking should be done via the dedicated platform.
  3. The discount period ends on 15.06.2018.
  4. The user needs to have a valid and registered ESNcard. Register ESNcard on ESNcard.org. Make sure that all the fields are filled in correctly, as Ryanair website asks for ESNcard number and checks the data from ESNcard.org (no other ESNcard data is asked on Ryanair website).
  5. IMPORTANT! If some fields from ESNcard.org and Ryanair booking do not match, the card holder will be requested to pay the difference at the gate. So it’s crucial to fill in ESNcard.org data properly.


Still have questions?

More information can be fount at https://esncard.org/ryanair, as well as the dedicated Ryanair booking platform and ESN Finland webpage.