ESN Helga Open Call!


The application period is open from Tuesday 3.5 to 17.5.

Spring is here and some terms are ending thus ESN Helga's board is opening up a few positions.

Do you want to learn new things while helping others and creating real value? 
Maybe get some great substance for your CV? Meet international people, get to travel and have fun?


Apply ASAP by sending us your motivation letter by e-mail to

The final decisions will be made in an open member meeting on 20.5 in an at Haaga-Helia Pasila campus.

The positions that we are looking to fulfil are:


- Local Representative (1 year)
- Vice President (6 months)
- Events and trips coordinator (1 year)
- Public relations manager (6 months)
- Porvoo Representative (1 year)


Please keep in mind that people will rely upon you and that the positions will include lot of responsibility.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or via e-mail.