Due to the unforeseen and saddening event earlier this fall, ESN Helga has been lacking a board member. Although we kept things on its track and received help to continue our work as normal, there was a role that needed to be filled. On September 4th, we had an electoral member meeting where Marius van der Busse was elected to join the team, and today the board was re-organized at our board meeting. Below we present you the ESN Helga board for Autumn 2017:


President: Sami Ranta-aho
Vice President: Marius van der Busse
PR & Communications Manager: Valma Ahtola
Local Representative: Yaël Kermorvant
Events & Trips Coordinators: Hayley Grant & Nhi Cao
Porvoo Representative: Jenni Tuomikanto


We are excited to continue this semester with offering all kinds of fun activities for both our exchange students and internationally- & cross-cultural-minded students! If you haven’t already, come join us in the fun!


Stay tuned for our individual introductions

And as always, if you have anything to ask or share, get in touch by messaging us directly, contact our official mascot and social media geek Harald Esn Er, or email esn(at)helga.fi.


Yours truly,

ESN Helga board