ESN Helga had a member meeting today, 4th of May, and three new board members were selected among the applicants. The fulfilled positions are Vice President, Event & Trip Coordinator and PR Manager. Congratulations Sami Ranta-aho, Hayley Grant and Valma Ahtola! Ulla will continue as President, Yaël as Local Representative and Jenni T as Porvoo Representative.

Thus, the board for autumn 2017 consists of
President: Ulla Tirri (2nd from the left)
Vice President: Sami Ranta-aho (in the front with Harald)
PR Manager: Valma Ahtola (not in the picture)
Local Representative: Yaël Kermorvant (not in the picture)
Event & Trip Coordinator: Hayley Grant (3rd from the left)
Porvoo Representative: Jenni Tuomikanto (1st from the left)