ESN Helga is run in an open and democratic way. We have an elected board, each member with their own area of responsibility. Board together with a team of active members runs the everyday activities of ESN Helga. Everyone who takes part in the running of ESN Helga is a volunteer and not paid for their work. Board members are elected mainly for one calendar year in the end of the autumn semester. Nevertheless, board members can also be elected during the year if needed.

Decisions on the way how the association is run are discussed and approved at the association’s meetings, which are open to all members. All ESN Helga actives are at the same time members of ESN Helga. Each member has the right to attend the association’s meetings and has one vote. Also exchange students who stay in Haaga-Helia for more than one semester may become actives, and thus members of ESN Helga. A student who has graduated from Haaga-Helia can continue to be a member if they so wish.

ESN Helga is a member of Erasmus Student Network on both national and international levels. Exchange students can also nominate an exchange student to be the Exchange Student Representative on the ESN Helga Board. ESN Helga’s working language is English, so we hold all of our meetings and send all communication in English.