With the exception of the occasional visit to a pharmacy, most international students usually don't need to make use of the local health care services. However, it is always worthwhile knowing what to do and where to go in case you do need some health care services.

In Finland, local city authorities operate the health care services. In addition, there are also private health care services. Citizens of the European Union can use the city health care services. It is worthwhile getting the blue EU Health Insurance card from your home country's social insurance authority before you leave. If you forget it, you should be able to use your passport but it may be more difficult.

If you are not from the European Union, it is especially important also for health care to obtain travel insurance before you leave. This way you can use the private healthcare services. European Union citizens can also obtain travel insurance if they prefer to use the private services.

Haaga-Helia's campuses provide a nurse and a part time doctor who you can visit without charge.


Pharmacies can provide advice and assistance if you become sick with a minor illness. You can pick up non-prescription medicines such as headache tablets and cold remedies from a pharmacy. The pharmacy can also deal with your doctor's prescription. It is not possible to buy non-prescription medicines at supermarkets.

There are pharmacies around the city usually open between 8-20 or 8-21 weekdays and 8-18 Saturdays. The Finnish word for pharmacy is "apteekki".

Yliopiston Apteekki chain has longer opening hours at the following locations:

City Centre / Mannerheimintie 5
00100 Helsinki
Open every day 7-24

Töölö District / Mannerheimintie 96
00250 Helsinki
Open 24 Hours a day 7 days a week

In Pasila there is a Pharmacy on Kellosilta 10, opposite the library, a few metres from Junailijankuja. Opening hours are: 8.30-18 Monday-Friday.

Pharmacies in Porvoo take turn to offer services out of normal hours. Check at your local pharmacy for more information.

Doctors & Dentists

Helsinki City Health Department
Helsinki City Council operates health care services around the city. You need to use the services which are local to the place where you live, it is not possible to make a doctors appointment at a different health clinic than the one most local to you. When visiting these health clinics / health centers, make sure you take your passport and / or E111 with you as proof that you are from the European Union.

If you live in Pasila
For Doctor and Dentist services you should go to the City Health Centre in Vallila located at:
Rautalammintie 2, 00550 Helsinki, click on the map for a larger image.
Telephone: (09) 310 50333 - Doctor / (09) 310 50390 - Dentist

If you live in Kannelmäki
For Doctors and Dentist services you should go to the City Health Centre at the Kannelmäki Hospital located at Kaustisenpolku 6 A, 00420 Helsinki.
Telephone: (09) 310 47355 / (09) 310 51400- Dentist

If you live in Kamppi
For Doctors and Dentist services you should go to the City Centre at the Kivelä Hospital (Töölö health center), Sibeliuksenkatu 14, 1st floor, 00260 Helsinki, phone: 310 45500.
For Dentist Lapinlahdenkatu 27 A, 00099 Helsinki, phone:(09) 310 51400

The health centres are open from Monday to Friday between 08.00-16.00.
When your local health centre is closed and your condition or illness requires urgent medical treatment, you should go to the emergency health centre at Haartman Hospital or Malmi Hospital, depending on which part of the city you live (see emergencies further down the page).

When visiting a city operated health centre, you will be charged a small fee for the services. Prices and details can be found from the City of Helsinki's Health Department web site: http://www.hel2.fi/terveyskeskus/english/index.

If you live in Porvoo
For information about Doctor and Dentist services provided by the town of Porvoo see the Porvoo information page.

Private Health Care
If you are unable to use the city operated health care services or you prefer to use private health care you should consult your insurance company about which private clinic you should use. One fairly large private healthcare company with clinics around the Helsinki area is Mehiläinen. Their clinics are usually open long hours and in the evenings, find out more from http://en.mehilainen.fi/content/booking.


Inhabitants of Helsinki who fall ill and require urgent medical care should first seek treatment from their own health center. If your local health center is closed (e.g. in the evening and on weekends) and your condition or illness requires urgent medical treatment, you should go to one of the emergency health centres:

If you live in Pasila, Kamppi or Kannelmäki
Haartman Hospital
Haartmaninkatu 4, Building 12
Telephone: (09) 310 5018

If you live in Kivikko
Malmi Hospital
Talvelantie 6
Telephone: (09) 310 6611

If you or someone else require an ambulance, dial the general emergency number 112 from any phone.