For the past year, student life has been more or less on a break. Come along alone or with your friends to sitz using the hottest trend of the year, ZOOM!
ESN Helga and ATKINS together are happy to invite you to experience traditional Finnish student culture with us and with fellow sitzers!
If you’ve forgotten, or haven’t gotten to experience sitz; Sitz are an academic table party where you eat, drink, sing and have fun together. These sitz delve into traditional Finnish student life through songs and themes.
You only have to:
1. Redeem your tickets from (lisää tän tilalle linkki joka saadaan atkinsilta)
2. Gather your own sitz group (taking restrictions into account of course).
3. Book for the sitz:
❗Two strong spirits (We recommend Jaloviina, Koskenkorva, or lemon juice.)
❗Mild drinks to your liking (We recommend water, Fanta, or beer.)
❗Food suitable for the student budget (We recommend the cheapest pizza from a nearby pizzeria or of course classic Mama noodles.)
❗COVERALLS! and in addition reserve a stylish accessory with you (for example tie or a stylish
necklace) and also a funny headpiece.
Hop into your coveralls and gather your friends (in accordance with the restrictions) in the same space and come and enjoy the SITZ!
After the sitz, partying continues at home or at your own afterparties!
The Zoom ballroom opens to the sitzers on September 9th at 17:45 and the event starts precisely at 18:00. Don’t be late!
WHAT: Welcome to Finland sitz
WHEN: September 9nd at 18:00 (“doors” open at 17:45)
DRESSCODE: Coveralls
TO WHOM: Everyone
WHY?: Because Finnish student life is nothing without a sitz
Event + Badge: 3,5€
Event: 0€ (Note! The ticket still needs to be “bought” so that you get the link and the instructions for the event.) + Post for the badge has to be bought separately or you can retrieve it from the ESN office after the event according to the opening hours of the office.
Link to
09/09/2021 - 18:00