Hello our lovely new exchange students! We’re gonna go to IKEA on Sunday the 23rd!

Is there something missing from your apartment? Come with us to IKEA to get all your kitchen supplies, pillows, blankets, lamps etc. Or if you’re just craving for some meatballs or pancakes!

We’ll take the free IKEA bus from Helsinki city center. There are two available times to choose from. The first group leaves from Kiasma (city center) at 13:15 to the Ikea in Vantaa and the second group leaves at 14:00 (from Kiasma as well) to the Ikea in Espoo. A few of our lovely tutors will be there to guide you. Note, the buses won’t wait for the late ones.

MEETING POINT: In front of FOREX inside the main railway station at 12:45 for the first group AND 13:30 for the second one.

Click “JOIN” on this Facebook event so we know approximately who are coming.

Ps. Since it’s Sunday and the free IKEA buses don’t go frequently make sure you make it to the bus back to Helsinki!!! Your tutors will tell you the exact times and places

23/08/2015 - 12:45