8 Day May Day is coming! The fun will last for 10 days! Challenge yourself and participate every day or join in single events! This year the event is even bigger than ever. The official hashtag of the event is #ESNWAPPU.

Wappu passes are available at HELGA Point and Bailataan.fi both in Finnish and English. Later on you can also purchase the pass from all Haaga-Helia campuses, Laureamko offices or from the events. Price is 4€ for HELGA and Laureamko members and 7€ for non-members.

If you buy your pass from Bailataan.fi, you can pick it up from HELGA Point or in the beginning of each event from HELGA (or Laureamko) board members. Remember to show your ticket when picking up the pass!

With the Vappupass, you will have a free-entry to the afterparty of Haalarinkastajaiset and HELGA's May Day - you also receive a free sausage and juice at HELGAs tent at Ullanlinnanmäki on May Day 1.5. By going to at least 6 events out of 10 you get amazing Vappu coverall patch.

1st of May is the Grand Finale of Wappu but don't miss all the other great days either. Come to Ullanlinnanmäki 1.5. for a happy hangout picnic and to return the vappupass (9.00-17.00) and receive your coverall badge.

If you still don't have your own coverall, now is a great time to get one because they will be baptised on 27th of April! The HELGA coveralls are available again at HELGA Point and later on at the local student associations (Sture, HePo, Pore & Hattara). Price is 39€ / 70€.

  • 22.4 Kantsu haltuun - Atkins ry
  • 23.4 Kallion Korkkaus - Sture ry
  • 24.4. International Wappu Bonanza - ESN HELGA, IDS HELGA ja AIESECHH
  • 25.4. Mushroom Hunt Talko ry & International Sitsit with ESN Aalto
  • 26.4. Yrjönpäivän brunssi ja kätkön metsästys - Pore ry
  • 27.4. Haaga-Helian Haalarinkastajaiset (Hietsu) - HELGA
  • 28.4. Twister Tournament - HSOY ry
  • 29.4. Fotoralli - Skuuppi ry
  • 30.4. Runaway Train - Hattara ry
  • 1.5. HELGAn Wappu - HELGA
22/04/2015 to 01/05/2015
  • Everyone is invited.