The Board

As an ESN Helga active you can also take one of the positions on our board (when places are available).

The ESN Helga board is elected once a year at the last meeting of the autumn semester. Often, some posts become available also at the end of the spring semester as students leave the section (for example to study abroad, do a work placement or because of graduation). It is also possible to share a board position with another person. As a tutor or active member, you are encouraged to assist board members with their work.

- Acting as an intermediatory between student union Helga and ESN Helga
- Chairing the weekly meetings
- Following up events and trips, through the Event and Trip Coordinator
- Following up board members' duties
- Participation in International ESN meetings and meetings held between Haaga-Helia UAS and representatives of student associations
- Writing agendas for the meetings together with Vice-President

Vice President
- Acting as an intermediatory between student union Helga and ESN-Helga
- Collaboration with other ESN sections in the metropolitan area
- Co-ordinating daily operations of ESN Helga
- Substituting the President
- Writing agendas for the meetings together with President

Local Representative
- Main contact between ESN Helga and ESN Finland
- Responsible for sharing information coming from National and International level to the board

Treasurer (currently handled with the Student Union Helga)
- Looking after incoming and outgoing payments
- Managing the accounts and clearing them at the end of the year
- Taking care of the payment system and checking that events are paid for.
The tasks of the Treasurer are currently split. The Student Union’s Secretary General takes care of all payments and bookkeeping whereas the President of ESN Helga keeps an eye on the spending and earnings.

Public Relations/Communications Manager
- Responsible for maintaining all IT systems used by ESN Helga (administering the ESN Helga website, creating and administering ESN Helga's Facebook groups and other social media channels, e.g. Instagram and Snapchat)
- Responsible for publishing the information about events, trips etc. on Facebook and other platforms when needed

HR Manager (currently handled by Student Union Helga together with the Head Tutors)
- Tutor recruitment and training of the new tutors
- Organizing of the pick-up service at the beginning of each semester
- Following up Campus Leaders concerning arrival arrangements of the new exchange students
- Communicational link between board, tutors and members

Porvoo Representative (Campus Manager)
- Responsible for arrival practicalities of the exchange students at the beginning of each semester
- Following up tutors sending welcoming emails to exchange students latest one month before arrival
- Backup person for tutors at their own campus
- Making sure all the Haaga-Helia campuses are included in events, promotion, meetings

Events & Trips Coordinator
- Planning and organizing of the events and trips together with the board and ensuring that everything goes smoothly
- Communicational link between ESN Helga's travel and event-related partners


You can find the current board members here.